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Hi, I’m Taly!  Facilitating Your Healing, is My Passion.

My Story


From a very early childhood, there was a very deep knowing that I will help heal people. I experienced a personal pain seeing my dad getting very sick. I developed a strong will to help him, and then of course myself and others.
My life for a very long time was very difficult with a deep loneliness. Going through those difficult times I knew that there is a way out.

 I started a spiritual path for connection understanding than that I am going to help me and others connect between the physical and the metaphysical. I realize that there is a deep connection between those two and got a deep desire to teach it to the world.

During the years of doing bodywork, I learned to listen to the needs and blockages of physical emotional and spiritual in a person’s life. Some of the work that I currently do can be done remotely and in-person.

In addition, I have been conducting group workshops, ceremonies and courses with the intention for self-development, spiritual growth,  self-love and manifesting your desired reality.

Here are some of the techniques I use in my practice: 

  • Spiritual coaching
  • Sacred Cacao ceremony
  • Creative & Eploration Retreats
  • Intutuive art coaching
  • EMF Balancing Technique
  • Medical massage
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Medical Biomagnetism

 I have to admit that the most important when you consider healing yourself, is not the method, it’s the willingness to let go, to connect and to understand healing is a process that anyone can go through and its a choice.
It is all about connecting to life, connecting to oneself and connecting to the Source.

If you are open to making a change and having a life that is heaven on earth…join me and the people I work with and dare to explore!!!!!!!

With warm blessings and tons of Love,
​Taly Bar

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